2023 2nd International Conference on Sport Science, Education and Social Development (SSESD 2023)
Prof. Houlin Li



Prof. Houlin Li

Capital University of Physical Education And Sports, China


Leader of the scientific research team of National Track and Field Event Preparation for the Olympic Games, Beijing Great Wall scholar, doctoral supervisor. This course is the first bilingual professional course in sports (Chinese + English) in China. By combining sports animation, data marking, musculoskeletal and other visualization technologies with sports actions, it solves the problem of insufficient online display of technology teaching, which has been a bottleneck for many years, and displays cutting-edge sports technologies with precise details of graphics, figures and movement processes. The content includes: basic theory, training methods, technical teaching, training competition and course progress, etc. The content is comprehensive, scientific, rich and practical. The lecturers include national team coaches, famous teaching teachers, teachers' ethics pacesetters, teachers' ethics role models, etc. The explanation examples include ordinary students and Olympic champions, and are used by more than 30,000 students in 99 colleges and universities across the country for online and offline teaching. It has been well received by domestic and foreign peers and has led the current level of online sports technology courses in China.